SEBI REGISTRATION: INA000010131 Investment in share market is subject to market risk. IIFS does not provides any guaranteed returns, profit/loss sharing services. If anyone is trying to sell you such services kindly call us +91 8818821431.
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"कृपया ध्यान दें ! IIFS ऐसी कोई सर्विस उपलब्ध नहीं कराती हैं जो हमारी वेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध नहीं हैं जैसे -, गारंटीड प्रॉफिट सर्विस, प्रॉफिट और लॉस शेयरिंग सर्विस ,पोर्टफोलियो मैनेजमेंट सर्विस अथवा डीमैट ट्रेडिंग सर्विस, यदि कोई व्यक्ति ऐसी कोई सर्विस आपको उपलब्ध करने का वादा करता हैं हैं तो आप हमें इस नंबर पर कॉल करे 0731-2597877, अथवा आप हमें ईमेल आईडी पर मेल करके इस बारे में जानकारी दे सकते है | स्टॉक / कमोडिटी / विदेशी मुद्रा बाजार में निवेश बाजार जोखिम के अधीन है | इक्विटी / कमोडिटी / विदेशी मुद्रा बाजार में निवेश जोखिमपूर्ण है और निवेश के उद्देश्य के लिए ऋण लेने से ये और अधिक जोखिम भरा हो सकता है।इसलिए, IIFS सदस्यता या निवेश के उद्देश्य के लिए ऋण लेने के लिए कोई भी सुझाव नहीं देता है। साथ ही, अगर ग्राहक द्वारा किसी भी प्रकार का ऋण (किसी भी उद्देश्य के लिए) चुना गया हो तो ग्राहकों को अपने स्वयं के क्रेडिट जोखिम का मूल्यांकन करने के लिए दृढ़ता से सलाह दी जाती है ।
"KINDLY NOTE IIFS DO NOT PROVIDE ANY GUARANTEED SERVICES, PROFIT/LOSS SHARING SERVICES, PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICES, DEMAT TRADING SERVICES AND SERVICES WHICH ARE NOT MENTIONED IN OUR WEBSITE i.e., IF ANY PERSON TRY TO SELL SUCH TYPE OF PRODUCT KINDLY INFORM US THROUGH CALL ON “731-2597877” OR CAN MAIL US @ “” . Investment in Stock/Commodity/Forex market is subject to market risk." Investment in Equity/Commodity/Forex Market is Risky & taking loan for Investment purpose can make it more riskier. Hence, IIFS does not suggest anyone to take loan for the subscription or Investment purpose. Also, it is strongly advice to evaluate own credit risk, if any loan (for any purpose) has been opted by anyone."

Risk Profile


Client will be classified as low risk appetite medium risk appetite and high risk appetite based on the score obtained by answering the following questionnaire. Once, the score is obtained client will be offered services which suits his/her risk appetite.

The Maximum weight allotted to all the questions would sum up to 280

We do not offer any Low Risk Product.

Product Classification and client classification is as follows

Any client who has a risk appetite between 0-90 is classified as LOW RISK appetite client and will be offered low risk products, while a client with risk appetite score between 91_&_180 will be classified as MEDIUM RISK appetite and will be offered a medium risk product(Equity CASH only). However any client with a score of 181-280 can select any product since the RISK appetite is HIGH (Eligible for any of the service CASH/DERIVATIVES STOCKS/COMMODITY/FOREX).

The classification of the services is also mentioned below.

  1. I would start to worry about my investment if my portfolio value falls.

  2. Your Risk Tolerance capacity, in term of loss in your investment
    amount which you can bear?

  3. How secure is your current and future Income from sources such as salary, pension or other Investment?

  4. What is the duration of investment you are looking forward to keep invested?

  5. In which of the following market segments have you traded previously?

  6. What is your experience with equity investments?

  7. What is your experience with Commodity investments?

  8. What is your experience with Forex investments?

  9. What is your Age Group?

  10. Investment Goal

  11. Proposed Investment Amount

  12. Gross Annual Income details

  13. Sources of Income
    1. Primary Source

    2. Secondary Source

  14. Market Value of portfolio held

  15. Investment Experience

  16. How many dependents do you financially support ?

  17. What is the size of your emergency fund?

  18. What is your experience with investments in past?

  19. What percentage of monthly income is allocated to pay off debt [all EMIs]?

  20. Occupation (please select the appropriate)

  21. Are you any of the following, or are directly or indirectly related to any of the

Your Total Score